Obeying God


Dear Church Family,
Greetings in Jesus name!
Thinking about Jonah a little bit this morning. God told Jonah to go to Ninevah and witness against them concerning their evil. Part of the reason, at least for Jonah’s flight, was that he simply did not want to see the Assyrians come to repentance. Chapter four reveals that Jonah was very displeased and angry that the Ninevites repented at his preaching, thus averting divine judgement. 
What happens when God tells you to do something you simply do not want to do? 
I’ve discovered that God is not really into negotiating. God expects His commands to be obeyed, however it is not always easy and convenient to obey Him, and sometimes we just do not want to. Also, God is more interested in our obedience than He is in our happiness. We may be interested in our happiness, but is certainly is not the chief consideration from God’s perspective.
Of course, it is best to obey. God certainly knows better than we do, and regardless of our wants, likes, comfort and convenience God knows better than we do and see’s things much clearer than we do. He is omniscient after all.
There is always a price for disobedience, and the price is very high. The price for Jonah? He became whale vomit. The price for Moses’ disobedience was exclusion from the Promised Land. 
There are times that you are not going to want to obey God, but obedience is never an issue when its easy. Some things God commands you to do are not easy but in the long term it is going to be much easier and much less costly to obey. I am not convinced that God’s position is “obey me or else” but God knowing best, much like a parent teaching a child not to play in the street. Regardless of the difficulty, God has your best interest in mind, as well as the interest of others. So obey Him and trust that He knows things you do not and knows better than you ever will.
Call you blessed!