Dear Church Family,
Greetings in Jesus name!
Distractions in life must be dealt with and worked through. Life, and the devil, throw a lot of things at us that can distract us from spiritual things. Distractions prevent us giving our full attention to something. It is not that distractions take us completely off course. They simply prevent us from being fully engaged in any activity. 
Let me give you a couple examples. Have you ever been speaking with someone who checks their phone while you are speaking? Have you done it to someone? That is a distraction. How about prayer? Have you ever been praying and absentmindedly picked up your phone to check e-mails, text messages or something else? That is a distraction. 
A distraction does not have to be a major thing. Distractions can be very subtle because to successfully distract it only has to nudge us ever so slightly. Once the focus is lost, it is difficult to regain. 
Without focus we cannot be as effective in an endeavor as we need to be. Take a laser for instance. Simply put, a laser is highly focused light. A laser can be used to make an incision in surgery or to cut metal, but the key is that the light is focused. That is what makes a laser effective. In any endeavor we need to be focused to succeed. If your prayer life is going to be as effective as it needs to be, you will have to possess laser-like focus on the task of praying. It is the same with study of the Word and things like fasting and worship. It takes discipline to focus on the task at hand and keep the distractions at bay. 
Eliminate distractions as much as possible. Plan your prayer and study times so that distractions are limited. Early morning or late at night are great times. Others aren’t up yet and you can get some quality time with the Lord.
In every area of life a key to success is focus, and a key to focus is eliminating distractions. 
I call you blessed!