What kind of ditch are we digging?

Hello Church Family,
The Christmas season is here as well as the dawn of a New Year. It is hard to believe that another year has almost passed completely by and we are looking at the rapid approach of a New Year. 
2 Kings 3 tells the story of the Israelite army facing a battle with the Moabites. The Israelites marched for several days and ran out of water. They called for Elisha who came and told them to fill the valley (stream bed valley) full of ditches (holes) to hold water that God was going to miraculously supply. They dug the ditches, the water came and they defeated (with God’s help) the Moabite army.
My question is are we digging ditches, or what kind of ditch are we digging? There was already a place for water there because the valley the Israelites were in was a stream bed valley. My point is, are you content with the way things are, or have been, or do you need something else? As the people of God, we need to dig some ditches. We need to function in a way that humbly expects God to move. As you approach this New Year are you expecting things to be the way they have been or are you digging a ditch, hoping in faith that God will do something different in your business, witness, family, etc.?
There is God’s part, and there is your part. Your part is to get direction from God on what you need to do. Quit doing things your way and put yourself in a position to hear from God. Once you get instruction from God, do it. It doesn’t matter what God wants you to do. What matters is whether or not you do it. The Israelites could have decided not to prepare for what God was going to do and died of thirst, complaining the whole time about being thirsty. I heard Terry Mize say something the other day that was profound, “I’ve seen a lot of people die at 45 but not be buried until they are 75.” If you are not expectantly preparing for water in the morning you are dead but not buried yet. Example, if your marriage is in trouble, or simply not working as it should, are you praying together daily? If not, then don’t be surprised when you get no water.
God’s part is to do what you cannot, which is His part. God brought water without a rainstorm. I do not know exactly how He got the water there. All I know is that He got the water there. I simply do not care how He did it. It’s the same with us. We don’t have to worry about God’s part because it is God’s part, and I am convinced that God wants to do—and will do—His part. 
Now go get your shovel!