The Great Commission


Dear Church Family,
Greetings in Jesus name!
Every believer has a ministry that is vitally important to the Kingdom, to God and the cause of Christ. There is an idea that “legitimate” ministry must be full-time in the local church, which is an idea novel to the “professional clergy” concept. Your ministry is just as valuable and important as mine may be. 
When you get up in the morning you are going to your ministry. You have an opportunity every day to minister to people where you work, where you shop and any other places that you find yourself. I am concerned that many of God’s people see ministry as what happens within the four walls of a brick and mortar building instead of what can happen in the marketplace. Ministry is not static. What I mean by that is ministry cannot be stationary, limited to one location. Ministry must be mobile. It must be fluid and adaptive. When we limit ministry to a place, all people have to do to avoid ministry is avoid the place to where ministry is limited. Any church that “calls the lost” into the building where they meet does not understand ministry or the Great Commission. Very often the local church is like a bunch of overweight people who sit down every week and feast on the riches of the Kingdom, while hungry, needy people sit outside our feast watching us gorge ourselves on beauties that would change their lives. We look out wondering why they won’t come in and then design “hooks” to deceive them into coming simply because, for whatever reason, we will not obey the Great Commission. I wonder what would happen if we took a plateful of what we have been served and go “out there” and offer it to them. The great challenge and excitement of ministry is “out there.” Miracles are “out there.” Healings are “out there.” Salvations are “out there.” We may profess to be Christian in the building. We may have our “Christianese,” our dress, our actions just right in the building, but if it is not working outside the building you cannot call it Christian. The historical Christian church “turned the world upside down,” and almost none of that occurred within the four walls of an edifice. It occurred “out there” because people committed to the Great Commission understood that wherever they went they were the people of God and ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I call you blessed!