Christian Dynamics


When we are first born again we know very little about Christian dynamics or the patterns or processes of change, growth or activity within the Christian faith. Even if we have gone to church all of our lives it doesn’t mean we know how to be a developing Christian. Watching someone pray is very different from praying ourselves. 
There are functions (activities) of the Christian faith that facilitate growth in the faith and in Christlikeness. Things such as prayer, worship, fellowship, time in the Word of God, etc. These are simply basic, foundational elements of the Christian faith necessary for proper growth.
Imagine if someone developed an exercise app where someone else could exercise for you and you got the benefit of their exercise. Personally, I would pay a boat load of money for something like that. However, that is a ridiculous concept, simply because to get the benefit of physical exercise you must be a participant. No one can do it for you. 
The basic functions of Christianity are the same. They require your participation for you to get the benefit of growth toward Christlikeness. As I wrote earlier, watching someone pray is very different from praying yourself. The same goes with worship, fellowship and every function of the faith that causes change or growth.
These functions also require discipline. These dynamics do not come easy. One of the most powerfully anointed messages I ever heard was from a senior minister who read it entirely from manuscript. He stated during the message that when he began studying the Bible decades earlier it was laborious, but now it was pure joy. His point was stick with it. Whether it’s prayer or fasting, sticking with it will be worth it, and it will produce in you.