A Good Father


Dear Church Family, 
Greetings in Jesus’ name!
Father’s Day is on the 17th this month. As I meditate on my own “fatherhood” to my children I often ask, “What is a good father? What does a good father look like?” 
A good father is first, spiritual. I simply will never accept that a man can really be a good father who is not like the Heavenly Father or Christ-like. A good father walks with God. His prayer life and his time in the Word has vitality. He fasts, worships (privately and publicly) and is no stranger to the altar. He works hard, keeps his word, pays his debts and accepts his holy place and market place ministry responsibilities. You are passing your faith and spirituality to your children. The real question is do you want them to face life (and God) with that faith and spirituality?
A good father is a man. A boy becomes a man when he begins to accept and execute manly responsibilities. This is generally not something he automatically does. He must be trained by a man, hopefully his father, to do so. I do not believe that men are found. They are made, and they are made on purpose. 
A good father is a leader. Do not confuse leadership with control. When our children are little, we control them by making decisions for them. As they get older, they get more liberties based on the trust they earn.  However, we lead by example. What they see you do, or not do, is often what they will imitate. A leading father is not threatened by questions or by children who “challenge the process.” 
A good father honors his children’s mother. One of the greatest gifts you can give your children, especially your sons, is to honor their mother. They should see you provide for her, protect her, care for her and exhibit a high level of respect for her. If you want to see how a boy will treat his wife when he is a man, watch how he treats his mother. Even if you are divorced from their mother you can still teach them to honor her on Mother’s Day, birthdays, etcetera. 
There are many other truths surrounding being a good father, but we obviously cannot get into all of them in this forum. Be a father worthy of honor on Father’s Day!
I call you blessed!