Unity in the Local Church

Dear Church Family,

Greetings in Jesus’ name!


Unity in the local church is powerful. However, it is rare to find in the American church. In Psalm 133, unity is likened to the anointing. Proverbs 6:19 says that God hates—and it is an abomination—to sow discord among brethren. It is easy to see the power of unity and God’s opinion on its opposite, discord.

We do not all have to have the same opinion to be in unity. We do not all have to like the same things to be in unity. However, we cannot permit our opinions, likes, personal values and past “baggage” to cloud the mission of the church. We are unified when we are unified around the ideas of evangelism, discipleship and being at peace among ourselves, regardless of feelings, opinions, prejudices, etcetera. Even your “ministry” must take a backseat to the overall mission and vision of the church. As the people of God, we do not get to determine what is most important for the church as a whole or for you as an individual.

I have noticed over the years that unity is simply a “lordship” issue. You will either be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ or you will be under your own lordship. Which by default, puts Jesus Christ under your lordship as well as the church and the people who are part of it. I have never had the first issue with people who are fully submitted to Christ’s Lordship. That does not mean that they do not ask questions or desire clarity on things. We are not all supposed to be automatons or “Stepford wives.” However, they do not permit their “issues” to become church issues. Unity appreciates the diversity of gifts, views and opinions present within the local church. However, those can never be the guiding force of the local church. Those things are to be generated “toward” accomplishing the vision and mission not the subversion of it.

It is when the diversity of gifts, views and opinions are exalted over the peace and good of the whole that discord erupts. It is then that the anointing and effectiveness of evangelism and discipleship is diminished or eliminated altogether.


I call you blessed!