Your Provision is in the Vision

Dear Church Family,

Greetings in Jesus’ name!


I trust March finds you well. I am looking forward to the arrival of spring with its warming temperatures, increased sunshine and yard work.


Your provision is in the vision. As I look back over my relationship with Dr. Barclay, I have experienced this to be not only Biblically true but experientially true. Whether it is related to our personal lives or the life of the church, the more involved we have been in making his ministry’s vision come to reality, the more victory we have experienced in seizing our vision.


How does this apply to you? The vision of Tree of Life and the vision that you have for your life are inseparably linked. While it is unfair for me to expect you to sacrifice for the church’s vision and not help you achieve your personal vision, it is just as unfair for you to sacrifice for your vision but not help the ministry reach its vision. There is a very successful Christian businessman whose business was struggling. He spoke with his mother—also a strong Christian—about it and she simply asked him, “David, what did God tell you to do?” He then started doing it. “It” was buying facilities to house all kinds of ministries. The result is that his business boomed. The secret? His provision came when he began sowing to the vision of ministries. What is your dream? Your vision? You may be absolutely committed to your vision and working hard at seeing it come to pass, which is commendable. However, are you as serious about Tree of Life being a “strong, stable, healthy local church planting churches in central Indiana and beyond?” It is only as we partner together that we can succeed in both endeavors. We need one another to accomplish both visions, and the success of your vision is directly tied to Tree of Life’s vision. Each sustains the other. Pray about your connection to the vision here. Are you committed to seeing it come to pass and are doing your part?


I call you blessed!