Minister Where You Are


Dear Church Family,
Greetings in Jesus' name!
I typically begin the New Year with a message that outlines what we are going to focus on in the New Year. I have not done that this year. I am not sure why, however, I just know that I did not have clarity concerning our focus and I am not one who makes things up to keep up with "traditions."
There is one thing I am absolutely sure of and that is that we are to be ministers (servants) wherever we are. As Americans we typically see that in the context of church. We may be willing to serve one another in church but how are we serving others outside the four walls of the church? 
In Matthew 5:44-48, Jesus deals profoundly with how we treat those who mistreat us. My point is that serving those it is easy to serve is nothing more than a pagan would do. Loving those easy to love, praying for those we feel are deserving is nothing more than pagans do. I believe God is going to give us opportunities to minister outside the walls of the church where historically, the majority of ministry has taken place. The question is whether we will respond to those opportunities or walk by them! Are we willing to embrace those opportunities when it is someone we feel is beneath us socially or economically? Will we recognize the Divine priority in every moment and in every meeting or will we be encumbered by our own priority in every moment and meeting?
We must begin to be proactive (or more proactive) in our witness and in serving others. There are gifts, miracles, healings and blessings in you for others. Will you share them with others or will they lie dormant and unused? We must deal with whatever may be hindering our ministry to others. Remember, it is the wonderful Holy Spirit who lives in and works through you. The same Holy Spirit that brought order to a chaotic earth. The same Holy Spirit that filled those first believers and anointed them to change the world. By God's grace, His Word and His Spirit we can reach people if we are willing.
I call you blessed!