What’s Your Dream?


Dear Church Family,
Greetings in Jesus’ name!
I love the Christmas season as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the great salvation that He has purchased for us with His own shed blood. I am grateful that, amid the commercialization and distorted truth about this season, we as the people of God understand the truth and meaning of our Christmas celebration.
I am also grateful for the fresh start that the New Year affords. The New Year is an opportunity to close out the previous year and look forward to the new opportunities and commitments a New Year presents. I want to encourage you to read the Scriptures concerning Israel and especially Joshua and Caleb and their view about taking the Promised Land. The story begins in Numbers 13. Do you see the New Year from the viewpoint of the 10 spies who said the Promised Land could not be taken or do you see it from Joshua and Caleb’s viewpoint? What is your dream? A new business venture, read your Bible through in the New Year? Get healthier? I want to give you some keys I hope help you succeed in accomplishing your dream.
1. Make sure it is God’s plan for you by making sure it is Biblically based and that you have prayed and fasted concerning it.
2. Whatever it is you must see it with the “can do” eyes of faith if you want to accomplish it.
3. Do not be deterred by “impossibles” and “setbacks.” Always see the impossibles as opportunities for God to move and the setbacks as learning opportunities. It is only a set back if you learned nothing. 
4. Develop a strategic plan that outlines what to do next, why it is important and what resources are needed, including what you need to learn.
5. Break the plan down into small steps that move you toward the dream. 
6. Bathe everything in prayer. Fasting and praying to discover God’s will is different from chaperoning the dream along in prayer and fasting.
7. Work toward it every day. 
I believe that you can accomplish God’s will for your life and that He will strengthen you to do your part in making it come to pass. 
I call you blessed,