Dear Church Family,
Greetings in the name of Jesus!
Transition is “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. Transition, which involves change, can be intimidating. Moving from what is comfortable to the unknown is so uncomfortable that people rarely do it. In any time of transition there are things to guard against. 
One is “dragging feet.” This occurs because you people simply do not want to change. It does not matter how beneficial the change may be some people don’t want it, can’t see the benefits or are so locked into the way things are that they simply are not going along on the journey. Like a child who falls down to keep from going somewhere people “drag their feet” in hopes of derailing the transition process.
Two is murmuring. This is not discussing the pros and cons of transition in an open, honest way in the proper forum. Murmuring is when someone secretly builds alliances with other foot draggers in hopes of gaining enough support to derail the process. I am reminded of Korah, who never came to Moses with his concerns until he had gotten two-hundred-fifty people behind him. This is always indicative of weakness of the argument. 
Three is fear. The reason people do not change is because it often involves a certain amount of fear and apprehension. It is tough moving into the unknown. People tend to gravitate to what is comfortable and the unknown always causes discomfort. Moving into the Promised Land was unknown.Therefore the Jews were willing to return to slavery because it was something they were familiar with.
Four is too much “quitting sense.” In other words, when transition gets tough it is easier to fall back to the default position of “how we used to do it.”  Very often transition is not successful because it is abandoned when it gets tough. Transition is always tough. There are always things associated with transition that we do not like. However, we cannot label the entire transition as bad because it has some uncomfortable elements. Once the course has been charted we need to see it through, refusing to quit. 
We are in an exciting time of transition and I am expecting some wonderful results. 
I call you blessed!



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