Part of the Whole

Dear Church Family,
Greetings in Jesus’ name!
It is hard to believe that summer is almost past and fall is just around the corner. As I was driving down the road the other day, I noticed the soy bean fields beginning to turn yellow and now I am seeing the corn turning brown. Fall through Christmas is my favorite time of year and I genuinely look forward to it. I trust your summer has been wonderful and, even though we seem to just get busier, I hope that you were able to take time to relax.
One of the truths I have been emphasizing in messages lately is the idea of community. We may each have come to saving faith individually, but it was for the purpose of being part of the faith community - the wonderful family of God. As Christians, we were never intended to be isolated from our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are part of one another, as Paul’s teaching on the Body illustrates so clearly in 1 Corinthians 12, and each part is necessary to the proper functioning of the whole. I do not want to go through life without any part of my natural body, and neither do I want to go through life without any part of my spiritual Body (my church family). We all contribute something toward the functioning of the whole. Don’t ever think that your church family would be better off without you, or that you would be better off without them! We need one another, especially in these great last days. We need to encourage each other, and be encouraged ourselves, towards love and good works - and even more so as we see the day of Christ drawing nearer. 
I have been meditating on this truth: My best memories involve my church family. I have wonderful memories of family, friends, and loved ones; but I also have so many memories involving you all and I look forward to making many more great memories with you. I trust that you are strong and getting stronger in the faith, love, and grace of Jesus; and it is my sincere prayer that you also have many wonderful memories of your church family.
I call you blessed!
Pastor Chuck